Updated Every Monday:  4/16/12

Water Conditions:  Temp 42°  CFS 196 (North Mills) – water levels are high and very fishable  North Mills Stream Flow Link

Hatches:  Tan Caddis, March Browns, Midges

Delayed Harvest Fishing
Delayed Harvest Fishing

Fly Suggestions:  Elk Hair Caddis, March Brown, Caddis Pupae, Egg Patterns, Wooly Buggers

General Information:  Delayed harvest waters are fishing great.  The fish are still taking egg patterns and San Juan Worms, but they are starting to take more and more naturals.  An 8’6” Scott A4 works 4-5wt works great on these streams.  Definitely try a two fly rig – make sure to get those nymphs down on the bottom of the stream.

Projected Conditions:  Water levels should remain on the higher side making streamer fishing productive.  As the temps continue to increase, we will see more and more dry fly action.

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