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Updated Every Tuesday:    4/24/12

Water Conditions:  South Holston Release Schedule

Watauga Release Schedule

Hatches: Midges throughout the day with Sulphurs and BWO’s coming off from mid-day on via the South Holston. Throw a bunch of caddis in there as well and then you have the Watauga!

Fly Suggestions: For the Holston I would definitely have some BWO (sz 18-22) and Sulphur (sz 14-18) Comparadun for the mayfly surface activity, but I would also make sure to stock up on Midge Clusters(sz18-22) and Hoola Midges (sz 20-24) for the periods of slow mayfly activity. On the Watauga I would have some heavier Golden Stones(sz 12-16) and Eggs/San Juan (sz 10-18) for the faster/deeper runs, and plenty of Peacock Caddis (sz 14-20) for the surface.

South Holston Brown
South Holston Brown

General Information: Always know the generation schedule and how it will affect where you are fishing.  With the TVA relaxing on their generation schedule, the South Holston has mostly been a wade fishery and a great one at that Target specific fish and try to get drag free drifts.. The Watauga is easiest accessed from a boat and it’s a great opportunity to get to see a bunch of water and to take it easy on your legs to boot. Attractor pattern nymphs work great on this river followed by a caddis pupae. Look for medium paced riffles and target the seams and try to get slow drifts. The slower the better and get ready for some explosive strikes. Longer leaders (13′), although more cumbersome, can make a huge difference in your day.

Target Specific Fish
Target Specific Fish

Projected Conditions: Conditions should stay fairly consistent over the next week with temps hanging in the upper 60’s to 70’s. One exception could be if certain afternoon thunderstorms could murk up feeder streams which can mean a lot of fun with a streamer rod. Try Double Bunnies, and Articulated Leeches on a Sink Tip Line.

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