Fly Fishing Delayed Harvest Waters with Asheville Guide Charlie Downs

Fly Fishing Report

Updated Every Monday :  4-30-12

Water Conditions:  Temp: aprox. 55*


Some areas received quite a lot of rain last week, I had a little over an inch in my gauge in Weaverville, Spring Ck. Was still high and muddy on Sun., Shelton-Laurel higher than normal and a good bit off-color but fishable. I hiked Dupont on Fri. and the Little River did not seem to be higher than normal, guess they didn’t get the heavy rains we did here.   

Hatches:  still seeing plenty of black caddis, some sulphers and yellow sallies

Fly Suggestions:  I’m still catching a lot of fish on yellow or pink micro spawn egg patterns, also super dupers in sizes 14 and 16, an olive streamer with rubber legs will get their attention in dingy, fast water.

General Information: DH waters will be restocked next week so get ready for a new crop of trout looking for a “teachable moment”. Remember, if you have a question about a particular DH stream just call either of our CWO shops.   

Projected Conditions: Not much chance of rain in the 10 day extended forecast so stream levels are likely to continue to drop for the foreseeable future, highs to be in the low to mid 80s, warm nights, we’ll have to start getting on the streams earlier it seems.

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