Fly Fishing Report

Updated Every Tuesday:    May 1st2012

Watauga River Rainbow
Watauga River Rainbow taken on a Sparkle Braid Pupae

Water Conditions:

Hatches: Still seeing good numbers of Black and Tan Caddis on the Watauga with fish focusing more on the pupae as opposed to the adults. Sulphurs and Craneflies are also starting to make their appearances. The South Holston is still a Sulphur factory pumping them out although it has been for shorter spans and much more sporadic here as of late.

Fly Suggestions: For the Watauga; Headlight Caddis (12-18), Peacock Caddis (14-18), Grizzly Wulff’s (14-18), Olive Girdle Bugs, Black/Tan Braid Caddis Pupae (14-16), Green Dynamite Pupae (14-16) For The South Holston; PMD Silhouette Dun (14-18), Various Soft Hackles (14-18), CDC Comparadun Sulphur/BWO (16-20), Orange/Gray/Olive Scuds (14-18), Black Fly Larva (20-22), Red/Black Zebra Midges (18-26)

Sunny Day on the South Holston
Sunny Day on the South Holston

General Information: Full flows on the Watauga have been happening more often than of late and with dirty feeder streams pumping in silt, nymphing has been the bread and butter. With adult Caddis skittering around it’s easy to daydream about casting dries, but instead focus on getting your drifts down and slow and you will be rewarded. A good weapon to have in those heavy generation or high water days is the St Croix Bank Robber. When slinging heavy streamers or larger nymph rigs, this rod can make your day a LOT easier.  The Holston has been a bit more like usually with great flows for the wade fisherman. Very nice fish have been coming to those who have the patience to stalk wary fish and to make their cast count. In the Sulphur and midge down time, throw scuds. Especially when fishing in the grass, you might be surprised what pulls back.

Projected Conditions: Conditions for the up-coming week are very summer like. With temperatures on the warmer side which means spookier fish so approach all situations with delicacy.

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