Davidson River Fly-fishing Report

Updated Every Wednesday

Trout caught while fly fishing near Asheville, North CarolinaWater Conditions: LOW, clear. 55 cfs.  Davidson River Flow

A reminder: Summer is the crowded season at the Davidson, so please respect other anglers and their space. Trust ME! There are plenty of fish in the river for everyone to have a good time.

Hatches: midges, tan caddis, light cahills. Also keep an eye out for terrestrials!!!

Fly suggestions: Terrestrials. Midge emergers in gray, cream, brown. Sulphur comparaduns, light cahills,  Lowe’s midge larva, Little lucy, red disco midge, elk hair caddis, rock worm caddis, . Inch Worm, ants, beadles.  Most any flyfrom our Davidson River Fly Selection Box would also do…

General Information: 55 cfs is a LOW water level for the Davidson and the fish will be extra wary of poor casting and short leaders. I’ve ditched my waders for the summer and am using my Simms wading socks. Another good option is the Simms Wading Sandal. Make sure you make every cast count and sneak up to the big fish. 6x flourocarbon is a must, 7x may even be called for with dry fly fishing. We’re also getting into terrestrial season, so consider using an ant or even something bigger, with a dropper underneath. We have a great selection of terrestrial patterns, such as the flyin’ beetle , at both shops!

Projected Conditions:The river should fish well all week! With the humid weather, look for some afternoon and evening hatches to come off. If it rains heavy, re-rig with something big and dark and add weight.

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