Report on the Waters of the Pisgah National Forest, The Great Smoky Mountains National Park and waters along the Blue Ridge Parkway

Updated Thursdays

Wild Fall North Carolina Brown Trout
Wild Fall North Carolina Brown Trout

Water Conditions:

Temp – 52-60 and cooling

CFS – healthy, normal water levels



Chocolate Duns, Slate Drakes, Blue Winged Olives, Light Cahills


Diamond Back Tan Sedge Caddis, Fall/October Caddis, Yellow Caddis


Golden Stones, Little Green Sallies, Little Yellow Sallies




Ants, Beetles, Crickets, Hoppers

Fly Suggestions:

Fall Caddis/October Caddis Western North Carolina
Fall Caddis/October Caddis Western North Carolina

Dry Flies:

Light Cahill Spinner, Hazel Creek, Pink Lady, Ausable Wulff, Irresistable Wulff, Rusty Spinner, Yellow Palmer, Yellow Humpy, Chartreuse Humpy, Slate Drake Dun, Slate Drake Spinner, Goddard Caddis,Tan Headlight Caddis, Green Headlight Caddis, Yellow Elk Hair Caddis, Little Yellow Sally, Tennessee Wulff, Yellow Para Madam X, Lime Para Madam X, Yellow Stimulator, Foam Fall Caddis, Ants, Beetles, Crickets, Hoppers,

Nymphs and Pupa:

Copper John, Copper Blondie, Slate Drake Nymph, Mayfly Wiggle Nymph, Tellico Nymph, Yallarhammer, Crow Fly, Tan Braid Pupa, Tan Grand Poopah, Boss Hog Light, Yellow Tungsten Copper Stone, Fall Caddis Pupa, Tungsten Fall Caddis Pupa


Muddler Minnow, Matuka, Hornberg, Black Ghost and various wooly buggers in large size range.

General Information:

Books to learn from…

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Projected Conditions:

Look for a big cool off this weekend! Nighttime air temps will drop to the high 40’s at higher altitudes and high daytime temps will only reach about 70 degrees! This will definitely help to bring on some of the fall hatches. It will also help to make the fish a bit more active regarding feeding. Watch for the Fall Caddis pupa hatching along the edges of the streams and on the boulders as well!

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