Peter Kipp and Jeff Curtis are both licensed falconers with over 40 years of combined experience. The two of them have a passion for this ancient art that they love to share with others. There is nothing like handling and flying a bird of prey and seeing these magnificent creatures up close. Call or email for more details

Falconry Experience

This is an up close and personal “hands on” experience with a bird of prey. Guests will accompany a licensed falconer and learn about the ancient sport of falconry. Those who wish to, will have the opportunity to handle the raptor and experience the exhilaration of having this magnificent bird perch on their gloved fist. It will be a truly unforgettable experience as the hawk flies from tree to tree culminating with her flying to your fist.

You can add a Falconry experience to a half day wade trip for the ultimate “Fly” Fishing trip!

Falconry is an ancient interaction and working relationship between man and animal. It has been practiced in some form in nearly every corner of the globe for centuries. Evolving from simple nomadic tradition to the sport of royalty to the now highly regulated pastime enjoyed by more than four thousand falconers here in U.S. and tens of thousands around the world. For most people interested in falconry, making a commitment to becoming a licensed falconer is unrealistic and not possible. It is our mission and goal to offer our guests a glimpse into this ancient and mysterious sport. Come fly with us! (Curtis Wright Falconry is Federally permitted and all birds are banded and captive bred.)

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Let if Fly

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