Level I – Sporting Clays Shooting Experience

This 2 hour experience will allow participants to experience shooting shotguns at sporting clays targets.  After a short session in safety & shotgun basics, each shooter will shoot at 25 targets, thrown in a variety of presentations.  All supplies are provided, including gun, shells, eye & ear protection, and range fee.  Minimum 2 shooters per session. $125/shooter

Level II – Beginners Sporting Clay Class

Classes are taught by National Sporting Clays Association (NSCA) Certified Level I instructors.  During a typical outing, shooters will first cover all aspects of gun safety, followed by basic instruction in the steps to become a successful sporting clays shooter.  This includes presentations with a variety of shotguns, shot loads, and clay targets; coaching on the proper body position for effective target acquisition; techniques for leading and hitting the clays; and etiquette while on the sporting clays course.  This 3 hour – 50 shot class is primarily designed for novice shooters, with a minimum of 2 shooters per class.  All supplies are provided, including gun, shells, eye & ear protection, and range fee. $195/shooter

Level III – Advanced Sporting Clay Class

This class will involve each participant shooting a complete 100 round of sporting clays along with their NSCA Certified Instructor.  After a refresher on safety and equipment, participants will shoot at 11 stations, each with 2 trap presentations, representing a variety of upland game and waterfowl.  Proper etiquette and shooting techniques on the course will be emphasized, with individualized instruction.  This 4 hour class is primarily designed for shooters who have completed the previous Level II course or have past experience with shotgun shooting or upland game hunting.  Individual or group classes are available, with all supplies provided, including gun, shells, eye & ear protection, and range fee. $250/shooter

Mike – “None of us had ever shot clays before. He was very professional, kind, patient, good company and made sure we had a safe and fun day. I’d highly recommend him for a lesson for first time shooters. He provided the guns, ammo, and eye and ear protection for those who needed them. Thanks for the great afternoon!”

Dwight – “Thank you very much.  You are an excellent instructor and I look forward to our next lesson.  I had the best day I’ve had in a very long time. THANK YOU”

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